Surprising Ideas For Decorating Your Outdoor Space


Before you buy any furniture, your first must decide how you want to use the space. Do you intend to host outdoor dinner parties all summer? 

If so, do you see a guest list of four or 40? Or do you envision a quiet retreat where you curl up with a good book and a glass of iced tea, and watch the birds perch on your cherry tree? Maybe this is the spot where the kids throw a ball, and the family gathers.

Even the smallest of city balconies could have a rich personality, with the right set of bistro chairs for outdoor dining and a trellis to turn a brick wall green with ivy.

Once you know how you aim to use the space, select the seating, plantings and accessories that make your idea a reality. Your outdoor space should reflect your sense of style. To narrow the field of design choices, pick a theme and run with it.
Perhaps you will take cues from a Japanese garden, enclosing the space with a bamboo fence and focusing on a soothing palette of evergreens and mosses; a stone footpath and a trickling fountain complete the look. If you want to evoke summers spent in the English countryside, aim for a cottage garden lined with wildflowers, along with a fire pit made of cobblestones and seating of weathered wood.

These themes could work in a small balcony, too — by scaling the foliage and furnishings to the size of the space. If you are thinking of decorating your outdoor space at home, this article might offer you some information about things you can do. 

Decorating the inside of our homes can only do so much. We want to add that personalized touch to our outdoor spaces, to make it our truth. We have decided to cover a few examples of fantastic outdoor decorating ideas that you might find useful! 

Aside from a general aim for decorations that can be designed at home in your outdoor settings and no specific criteria, we set out in search of fun ideas. Whether it is only on the patio, the garden, or just on the home’s exterior, all these projects add up to a significant makeover for any aspect.

We started looking at ideas on the more subtle end of things, sprucing up a patio space with lighting or hung decorations, before moving on to the more active types of projects. This brief but in-depth gallery showcases both ends of this spectrum.

Sometimes the most innovative and original ideas come from the most unusual places, so be sure to keep an eye out for particular aspects of these projects that genuinely light your fire. For Example, raised brick patio and container garden ideas are our favorite.

We wish that you attain a bit of inspiration, and We particularly love the enthusiasm with this gallery!

1. Raised Brick Patio

As we’ve noted before, crafting the outdoors to your imagination is easy and fun with bricks. This project involves building a simple wall around the patio, raising the space, and defining it. Extra blocks were used to border the subtle garden surrounding the deck itself for an organic, curved shape.

2. Hanging Lights, Planters, and More

You’ve got the perfect opportunity to add decoration to your vertical space if you have a sheltered or partially sheltered patio space. A simple but very effective solution involves hanging festive lights, as pictured above. Also, you can add hanging flower bins, bringing a bit of verdurous life to the air.

3. Beautify Your Walls

With a patio that stands right up against the home, to add texture, color, and pretty much any decoration you’d like, you can use those exterior walls. Nearly any flat or hanging element can be added to the outside of your home, combining style and personality to the outdoors.

4. Elegant Decoration


You might want to consider this option if your home design leans more toward modern elegance than rustic charm. The patio has been populated with contemporary outdoor furnishings, but what completes the look is the array of subtle decorations hanging on the wall and stacked near the chairs. At night, sconces and sculpted candle holders can make a world of difference. Check out for a wide selection of garden décor.

5. Hanging Lanterns


The decorative balls hanging above this patio are ornately crafted hanging lanterns, which can be packed with candles for a magical effect at night. As long as you’ve got an overhang, whether it’s roof space or a discrete patio shelter, you can hang gorgeous lanterns like these and add something that looks beautiful, day and night.

6. Trellis Greenery


You may want to look into allowing some ivy to gain a foothold if your particular patio is sheltered by trellis work. This classic and natural look enhances outdoor spaces of virtually any style, adding a timeless look that can’t merely be manufactured; it must be grown!

7. Woodblock Walls


While this project is a little more involved than some others on the list, the results are spectacular. Cutting out wood blocks of various depths and assembling them into this textural, eye-catching wall will net you an incredibly unique and attractive addition to your outdoor settings.

8. Large Fairy Garden


We have talked about fairy gardens before. These fantastic miniature sculptures can be quick and straightforward or exhaustively detailed; the scale is up to you. They rely on recycled pieces of things and even natural materials you already may own. The most enjoyable part is that you design them yourself; they’re one of the most personalized decorations you can make in your yard.

9. Container Gardens


We love a good container garden, allowing us to add greenery and flowers to virtually any space. You can decorate your yard or patio as exceptionally well as the home pictured above by careful planning and proper sized containers.  For a more dramatic effect, palms, trees, and flowers can be artfully placed.

10. New Patio furniture set


Decorating your yard or patio isn’t solely the domain of DIYers, of course. Seldom you have more money than time, and you’re willing to spring for something sensational to highlight your outdoor property. A renewed and freshly styled patio furniture set is the perfect solution to add beauty and functionality to any outdoor space. We especially love the portable gazebo pictured above.

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